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Evans Head iT (formally Selkasite.com.au) was established in 2000, since then our business has slowly grown and has made a reputation for being honest and trustworthy. We cover Evans Head, Woodburn, Coraki, Casino, Lismore, Ballina, Broadwater, Wardell, New Italy, Spring Grove, Bungawalbin, Ellangowan, Yorlkea, Tatham, Caniaba, Clovass and Greenridge and all the other towns in the district. All work is carried out in your premises.

We do not rip our customers off by using heaps of bullshit. I have a reputation to say it as I see it, and you know where I'm coming from all the time.

We pride ourselves on this commitment and use this to our advantage, by our customers doing the advertising for us - word of mouth, the best there is!

The Leader in Website Design & Maintenance !

If you have a problem with your computer, Download Remote Support Here 1.26mb. Save it to your desktop and run it and when it says "Ready to connect", Call me on 02 6682 5936 and Give me the I.D. and Password so I can connect to your computer and attempt to fix it. This way my fees to you will be greatly reduced thus saving you money and time. If I cannot sort your problem out due to a more serious predicament then we will discuss further options.


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